The Ina dressed as a girl update

OK I lost interest after 31 minutes and went home to work in the garden.

The statistics are as follows:

I live in a quiet street.  Time taken until first four men staring at me 41 seconds.

I passed, in total about a hundred people.  Percentage of men that spotted my interesting take on use of underwear – 80%.  The others were busy.

Interestingly, I would have been approached or catcalled at least twice a few years ago.  This has now become unacceptable and people are more interested in their phones.  I could have stayed out and waited but I lost interest and part of the reasoning was the interesting bounce as I walked so I did not think that would be particularly productive.

I did not feel particularly frightened, but I did not bother going through Govanhell, where I was sexually assaulted walking down the street for the first time in ten years. It does seem to have absorbed more families and less single men in recent years however, so it might actually be quite safe now.  I pass through it a couple of times a day, but beyond being an alien Scot in the area my mother grew up in, it seems pretty unremarkable apart from the mess now.

I will probably go out for a walk tonight after I finish this post, but I will leave the corsetting until work tomorrow.  I am hoping it solves the problem with my back and makes me behave slightly better, although I am still unsure what I am actually doing wrong.

In conclusion, I think I can probably be a bit more feminine without feeling frightened now, although whether I can be bothered is another matter.  I am not sure what the point is either, given that I am obviously still quite scared of people generally, and I have not solved this problem yet.

Being treated as an adult might help, although I doubt that will ever happen. I can’t be bothered trying any more.  I was probably more of an adult at 25 than I am now.

I really hope we can get things sorted out, but it is up to him.  I have an interview on Friday, for a job I would be good at but which would not get me where I want to go.



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