Peace and Quiet

At last, the website is back to its usual level of nonentity.

Apart from a few unusual hits from London, which I am hoping indicates investigation of the company, and an unusually engaged individual looking at my actual work, we have peace and quiet once more.

Oddly a few contracts have just come up, all of which pay better and have better experience than the previous one.

Applied for probably sixty jobs yesterday, before and after my disastrous meeting with the ex.  I won’t be making that mistake again.

Now I am considering how best to deal with this apart from the obvious ones.

Most companies are too slow in this day and age.  If you will make it impossible for people to be flexible in terms of actually being able to eat, then you have to speed up employment processes.

Not sure how I feel about everything else, apart from that the world is a dangerous and nasty place, and it is getting worse all the time.  People can no longer survive on their own, which is neither prudent nor right.

If what I suspect is going on is correct, and the pointers indicate that it is, I still need to consider what more I can do to protect people in the future.

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