Preparation for becoming Dylan Mulvaney

So today I began the creation of Dylan Mulvaney.

His balls arrived today, however they will be used for creating his head, which will take the longest out of all the things I have to do before I launch him.  Boris took several weeks, and Dylan is going to be made a different way, which involves a lot of drying time, so I envisage by the time I am finished him, his genitals and his hands I will be a bit fitter.

I do have other things to do, so this will just be taking up valuable space for a while.  I also have to think about the clothes, the ultra conservative Maggie Thatcher bows around the neck, the wrinkles etc.

Managed quite a bit more work than usual this weekend, but am very tired now, so thinking about some of the songs I will need to write.

Being Trans is in danger of becoming a replacement for gay conversion therapy to the yank religious nutters, which is going to lead to a lot of sad sterilised people and probably, knowing America, more shooting.

It is interesting that as a man, Dylan hasn’t thought about the hundreds, potentially thousands of children that will be ruined because they will rush out and sterilise themselves.  Not very God fearing.

Presumably his friend, who also punts himself as trans despite having no intention of doing anything other than being stared at and maligning women, was the same friend that suggested this ill advised venture. They probably think they can remain trans without actually transitioning forever and nobody will notice.  Well, it is possible they will make a lot of money, or at least Dylan will, whilst being very unhappy.

It is all a bit tragic and a bit of a bore, since endless protesting whilst not actually doing anything constructive is a bit self defeating.


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