In Support of Dylan Mulvaney

So,  I have been casually browsing this topic for a while now, because I do not appreciate having J K Rowling’s opinion rammed down my throat and as someone who has had more than one genuinely trans friend, I was unsure:

  1. Why there suddenly seems to be so many fake bandwagon trans people shouting irrational shit at everyone else.
  2. What impact this was likely to have on women, if any.
  3. What the endgame is for the fake bandwagon activists.

It turns out all this is pretty serious, so as a fake transperson taking opportunities from female sportswomen, amongst other things, you would think I would really hate Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a Theatre school graduate who has made a great deal of money, and who stands to make a great deal more being pawpooolahr on social media.

A keen poisonality and pretend trans activist, Dylan and his genitals are currently making a lot of money pretending to be a trans person and hanging out with other pretend trans people.

The endgame of this particular movement seems to be to

  1.  Benefit the surgeons and medics currently involved in encouraging young people to sterilise themselves and cut all gender identifying bits off.
  2. Further the UN directive of decriminalising sex with children.
  3. Force compliance from the general population by celebrating this idea via their shopping habits.

None of which are things the general population are particularly keen on.

Recently, and rather suddenly we have seen things like

  • Men asserting they are lesbians and publicly accusing actual lesbians of bigotry because, surprise, surprise they do not want to have sex with men.
  • Men asserting they are into age play and forcing everyone, including prison guards to treat them as if they are a baby in order to benefit their sexual ‘health’
  • Men impersonating women and taking sponsorship opportunities from them.
  • Men trying to destroy female sport by loudly saying that they are women in order to win events, which makes female sport pointless.

Is a pattern beginning to emerge?

Real transpeople and the rest of the LGB community are not impressed by this at all.  There is strong evidence that the voices against these fakers is getting louder.  This is all about forwarding queer theory and the idea that everyone is interested in your fetish and nothing to do with genuine gender dysphoria.

Those who have called out these deviants as being fake are then accused of ‘bigotry’ in order to shut them up.

As a Scottish person, this is just normal life, people call each other out on ‘bigotry’ all the time here, and it is very rarely anything but abusive.

So as you can imagine, the genius of Dylan Mulvaney and his genitals had passed me by until he acquired the support of Proctor and Gamble.

Anyone who really wants to boycott Dylan Mulvaney now has to change quite a few major brands, Gilette, Colgate, Bounty, Pampers, Olay, Febreze etc.


Back when Ina Disguise was first created, I was very keen on trying to persuade people that wanted to redistribute wealth and put the power back into their own hands to change their shopping habits. I was laughed at, because convenience was all that mattered.

Only when Dylan and his penis started becoming rich from those very same brands did people even think about changing their habits.

So I now support Dylan, his testicles and his fake girlhood, please give him all the money in the world to support Monsanto Bayer, Unilever, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, anyone else who supports slavery, medicine that kills you, chemicals to control the population.

I had a wonderful art idea today, which will help my personal health enormously, because you have to be quite physically fit to be Dylan and his balls.

I am going to prepare, just for Dylan, a magnificent artistic tribute.  I have not felt this energised since before the Bawbag episode.  I can now get on with the existing work whilst I prepare my treat for Dylan.

In the meantime, please support Dylan and his penis in gaining the support of as many mainstream, ecologically and personally damaging companies as you can.  It is important for the future of your sterilised children.

Thank you all,


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