Another Chapter closes

Well it is almost time to write up another adventure.  I have moved onto the tongues which form an important part of Little Shiva’s chair and have completed the metallic elements of the lining.

Now there will be several months of very careful resin and beadwork, and I am taking great pains to look for authentic elements to add to the exterior as I slowly construct the thing.  It is a very expensive and heavy piece to make, so it is important to get it right.

I have abandoned a piece of work I was doing for a person I mistook for a friend.  He was very unpleasant.  Really the last two years have consisted of having increasingly unpleasant people trying to interfere with my life, and I am a bit tired of it, although someone commented today on how unusually happy I am so evidently it doesn’t show.

Evidently letting go of social convention makes you happier.  Who would have thunk it?

I have no idea why I am so attached to Little Shiva, as he wasn’t a particularly nice person.  I am finding, however, that I am measuring people against him which is neither fair nor a particularly high bar in terms of whether they are nice or not. I am a bit fed up of people who are not nice, so I think I need to work on that. I really liked Little Shiva.  It is a shame that he evidently didn’t like me, but that’s life.

This last drama has involved spoilt rich people spending money on bullshit and ripping everybody off.  I have scraped these people off my shoe and am moving on to better things.


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