A moment of sheer joy

Only people who have experienced a lot of unpleasant episodes in their lives really understand how important moments are.

Grumpy Dude gave me a moment of sheer inexorable joy this evening, and he didn’t even have to stop and say hello.  I didn’t want to ruin it.

We had a brief conversation earlier this week, but tonight was quite remarkable.

I took a night off sewing this evening, I was feeling stale, a bit sad, and it was busy at work for most of the night.  Near the end of the evening, I was enjoying some supermix and looking at the world go by, and Grumpy Dude appeared out of the night, in much the same place that I was sitting last week or so.

I have found over the years that beautifully dressed men – and when I say beautifully dressed, I mean they have taken their shape and emotional self into account, and have chosen very carefully –  are extremely thin on the ground. This is as much because very few women appreciate it as because they don’t consider it worth the time or lack taste.  Male clothes horses quite rightly often choose to be with other men who appreciate them, so finding a fabulous dresser that is heterosexual is something that happens only rarely.

Anyway, out of the night emerges Grumpy Dude, in a quite marvellous outfit, detailing his curviness rather beautifully.  He was quite clearly aware that he looked particularly magnificent, and my eyes duly popped out of my head as I drank in this vision of loveliness crossing the road.

He smiled, I smiled, he sailed past.  It was perfect.  After the miserable day I had, I drove home perfectly content.

Thank you grumpy dude, although I may have to rename you Foxy Dude if you keep up this level of sartorial brilliance.


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