I’m Socially Inept

Here is how crap I am at being a person.

I was asked out on a date for the first time ever today.  I could have been asked out on this date months ago but I failed to answer a question correctly and didn’t even realise until this morning. Because I am so used to male company I took it at face value and replied that yes I quite like being single.  It did not cross my mind for a minute that this was an incorrect response.

I am officially hopeless.

Fortunately I was a bit sleepy and in a dream-like state this morning, so I rolled with it a bit more. No, I said, it’s horrible.  People are really nasty to you for no reason at all.

He’s very assertive, which is a nice change, and my mother would laugh and laugh at this situation given the number of times I said I would never meet anyone staying in the house.

All of that is really good, but now I will have to pretend to be a proper person, which could be more difficult.

Tomorrow is a very important day, so I must now work all night to prepare.  I have just finished my other work, so now I must study whilst reheating.

My skin and chest issue has been triggered by delicious Uber Bars from the vegan store on Dumbarton road, so I do not think I shall be indulging any more, which is a pity because they are the food of the Gods.  Back to low carb seaweed and grass and 10km a day I think.


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