Egg show on the road

Uff, since last night I have had a lot of shifts dumped on me, so I guess this chair will be well underway by January since that is what I am most interested in doing whilst sitting in the car.

I would suggest you leave this on headphones whilst doing something else, it is very long.

Did a long religious text today, it was extremely tiresome listening to Americans at a waterfall discussing futile aspects of metaphysics.  They really are tiresome.

Went to the supermarket last night.   I have been studiously eyeing up Indian dudes since I met Staring Brat 2 in an effort to figure out why I was so unusually assertive about him.  I’m usually a very cautious and shy person, especially as I do not trust people at all any more. You can make all the excuses for them you like, most people are basically quite shitty and have very little to nothing in their heads.  That was not news in the case of the staring brats.

Anyway I met the eye of a new age Indian dude in his 20s with a man bun.  This is the first one that had something like the whatever-it-is. Otherwise he was unremarkable and not somebody I would even notice, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. We both duly scuttled off to a different shelf.  He looked a bit less married, but otherwise I am not really into chasing dudes around a supermarket. Interesting though that we both did the same searching thing before moving on.

I am into the Shiva moment now on the egg, so a lot of serpents will be involved in the next day or so.  It is very big, and very tiring and I am glad of my sunroof in trying to coordinate it.

Live show tomorrow.  Also appearing intermittently over the festive period.  I am sure it will gain more colour in due course but at the moment it looks like a piece of crap, which I am sure is quite appropriate.

Toodle pip,




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