Recovery at last

So I am happy to report that at long last I have made a recovery from the Little Shiva incident and will be very happily working on something appropriate and fun very shortly.

Probably three and a half years of slumming it, that has taken, which is not fun at all.

If I had not had the crazy bitch that chased me out of the bank for being creative (I did not even get to start work) I guess I would still have been there, but I honestly thought I was going to have a stroke if I kept up that level of uptight pressure pretending to be an empty vessel.

I have also finished the puzzle that was the new story, which will be called The Boring Rapist and is as usual a story about love, but not as most people understand it.

This will be out shortly after I reemphasize some points that it makes for the benefit of less agile readers.¬† I quite shocked someone I knew recently discussing it because as usual I didn’t understand that people need these points raised in a more obvious manner. I don’t discuss things with relative strangers very often because I cannot be bothered explaining, which isn’t very good for communicating things, so I am trying to be more open. Whether that is good or bad is another matter.

I do frequently fail to understand that people don’t do much thinking, and they do do a whole lot of judging.

Quite a lot of my writing is through a philosophy filter, so the meanings are not necessarily that obvious. I really blossomed writing for Little Shiva, so Stories for an Ignorant Man is probably my most fluent work so far.

Artwork progressing slowly but I am trying very hard to get this right rather than rush it.

Fun with galvanised wire at the moment.

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