Commiserations Boris and Jacob

We’re stuck with it, although very much like the Brexit vote itself, the confidence vote might change the direction of things somewhat, so you could argue it is a success.

It is unfortunate that we seem to suffer from a lack of political flexibility in this country, to the point that even career politicians cannot separate the ‘good’ from the ‘good for me.’

I think a nice succinct bit of economic history education might be a good idea, since nobody appears to have any.  It is extremely tiresome explaining conservative history to people when I am not even a conservative.

I am not sure why 60 odd percent of the party don’t do any reading, or if they do they don’t seem to understand how to interpret the information.  This is not a small issue, and I am starting to see strong similarities with New Labour, which is not a good thing really.

I am also getting a bit tired of seeing the old guard Thatcherites defending Remain when it involves running a deficit forever.  I am tired of seeing people getting killed. This just isn’t working, and I am not sure why resistance to change is so much more powerful than allowing business to restructure the economy to bring us closer to ‘ignition.’  Should I bother explaining how the machine works?  They would probably pretend not to understand anyway.

Sorry I have not been doing much serious writing of late, I have been messing around with ephemera. I ‘m also a bit lonely at present, hence poking my stalker with a stick for rather dull amusement.

All I can say is consolidate and capitalise, and see how far we can push back.  I will give it some more thought.

Good luck,


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