The Inevitable Backlash

Well today I got a new hater, she lives with her mother and she doesn’t approve of me.  Boo Hoo.

Since advertising the latest story – see below post for link – I have been stopped by about ten women asking about the title.  I explained the story in full to a couple of them, they applauded what I was doing.

The others, I  focussed on the title and the combination of words and discussed it with them.  They were all in a similar age group to me, had been through the inevitable silent victim phase and also applauded what I was doing.

This new person is the equivalent of a News of the World reader from the 80s.  She believes that if she doesnt like something it should be against the law. Easily titillated

Ironically the rapist from the story felt much the same way as her.  She is striking a blow for people who want women to spend their lives frightened and underconfident, so I am afraid I was not at all impressed.

I got to the point where all I could do without anyone complaining, bullying, bitching was sit in a chair and sew.  I won’t be doing that ever again, not to suit you, not to suit anyone.

I am an artist and it is my job to push boundaries.  If you cannot deal with it, may I suggest you take up drinking? Hopefully it will ruin your mental health even faster than your attitude.

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