Coronavirus – the Story so far in helpful Tweets

PM informed you, as he always does what was discussed by government and what was actually about to happen.

Basic implementation of maximum infection, which has incidentally included ignoring the two most successful countries, South Korea and Japan.  It is blisteringly obvious that when you have people that do not know they are carrying an infection wandering around breathing on people, the first thing you do is cover the source of infection and wear a mask.  Gloves and goggles are also advisable as the infection is known to enter your eye, but covering your mouth and nose whilst washing or otherwise covering and sanitising your hands would obvious ways of cutting infection rates.  Unless we have inordinately stupid scientists and members of the NHS  board at work, we have a conspiracy.

Absolutely correct.

So we already have a closet policy of offing the elderly, that nobody is even bothering to tell us about or discuss.  We have a petty weak media.  Forced DNRs ought not to be legal.  Staff in carehomes unlikely to be aware of the statistics on COVERING YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE. Social work department, in my experience will be aiding and abetting government policy and not bothering to inform or protect anyone.

See, they can manage to plan, just not plan to protect anyone.

Deliberately delaying the provision of ventilators to actively create the same situation we are seeing in Italy and Spain.  So basically medical and care workers are being used as biological weapons in this eugenics project Boris is presiding over.


They did tell you the truth.  Boris said at the beginning that your loved ones are regarded as expendable.  Turns out quite a few more people are also expendable. Not sure who they think is likely to be left or why this is a good idea.  Seems like unnecessary savagery to me, but what do I know?  A lot of English people voted for it.

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