A final word on the survey and new work

Thankfully, I have shut down the survey and presented the results, such as they were.  Managed to get a no voter in conversation, but he then tried to get details in order to present the information himself, which basically translates as yet another act of ‘war’ between yes and no, so I am just not going to bother talking about it any further.


I have to say I am thoroughly disillusioned with the entire scenario.  As I said in my previous post, Scotland is very good at fighting first, feuding later and only after five centuries or so does anybody bother actually discussing anything.  It is very boring to watch.


At the moment, I am pretty annoyed with the SNP’s use of the media in the form of bandying the xenophobia word around a lot and fostering a great deal of ill will with England.  I am sure it is politically expedient, but when populations all around Scotland have waited for decades for a better life, it is a bit rich to go on and on about bringing more people in and complaining that their lives aren’t good enough.  No, SNP this entire situation comedy isn’t good enough.


There are upsides and downsides to Brexit.  Perhaps inadvertently, the English and Welsh, and slightly more yes voters than no voters actually. voted for the best thing for the poor.  One thing a low pound does is create unskilled work.  I, for one, am delighted at that prospect.  You can look on it as swapping variety of goods for circulation of cash, and circulation of cash is always a good thing, because it has its own benefits to your immediate welfare.


I have no idea why the media are toeing this party line of calling 17 million people racists, but the SNP are making very good use of it to WIND YOU UP.  The newspapers have the excuse that they will fail entirely if they do not ensure sales by making sure you are permanently outraged.  The SNP are using it to distract you from taking care of your own fellow nationals in favour of inviting a gulag full of new residents with no discernable additional jobs.  I forsee a very ugly looking and stressed Scotland if this gets to fruition.


I was alarmed by the lack of awareness amongst all voters of the likelihood of unrestricted building in Scotland.  How do you think foreign investment is attracted without building the premises that they want to see?  Where do you imagine the two million or so extra people I guesstimate after a successful transition to independence and into Europe would go?


Where are the jobs for Kilmarnock, Stranraer, Glenrothes, Argyll?  When are you going to prioritise work for the people already here?  If you don’t prioritise employment, you are left with two and a half million workers struggling to support the other half of the population (two thirds if you count the new residents) which WILL NOT WORK.


One of the good things about Brexit, is bringing back our lost tourism and creating great conditions for foreign investment.  The time to generate the extra jobs needed is NOW.  The SNP is wasting valuable time that they should be spending working on this, as far as I can see.


Anyway, as I showed in yesterday’s post, the one thing everyone agrees on is that investment is sorely needed to provide work in deprived areas.  Perhaps you could start a more serious and less warlike debate on that basis, instead of bandying around a bunch of false or skewed figures that are essentially meaningless unless the country can pay for itself IN THE FUTURE without oil or suicidal fracking.


The English are entitled to their nationalism.  If you try showing a bit of respect for it, you will have a lot more energy to devote to Scotland, and a lot less time will be wasted arguing with people who really do not matter at all.


I have a new series of items coming out, to produce a catalogue of workstyles so far.  Thereafter I have the visual novel to complete and the work on Boris will commence.  I have no more time for nonsense.  If you want to know how to grow a country, it is not difficult to spend a few years reading up on international history, rather than wasting your time being outraged by stuff we have seen a million times before.  The socialists who are spouting this internationalist bullshit should be ashamed of themselves.  The real socialists are the ones that voted to stop their wages crumbling in the EU referendum as far as I can see.  Getting suckered in to a communitarian globalist agenda is a very very bad mistake, and that is what the SNP seems to be buying into.

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