Like a rabbit in headlights

For the benefit of my younger readers, you never grow out of being tongue tied. I forsee my downfall as being tiny, irate and having very good taste, particularly in coffee. I hope to regain my ability to speak shortly.

Got the glass guy, so Haram Bawbag will be proceeding in a couple of weeks.  I will work on the 3d mosaic in the meantime.

Adding a kind of renaissance Venetian effect to Little Shiva’s throne, which is taking an amazing amount of time.  Got a great deal on some incredible Italian yarn, so that will send things up a notch or ten.

Bought most of the stuff for the new project, and am awaiting delivery.  Twisty is tidying up the quick and dirty graphics work I had done thus far, so we should have a nice sharp image to work from shortly.

Apart from that, trying to improve my sleeping ability.  Wrote to Boris, but I think I may have to try via another route.  Should he spare the minute to drop by, I was not planning on making it a public gift, so please do not worry about the title.

I think I may write the Angel story shortly.



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