Haram Bawbag on schedule

Working all day on the base for Haram Bawbag.  It is looking fairly good, and is about halfway there.

Now considering my new piece of work, so will be drawing for the rest of the night so that I can start on it tomorrow.  It involves some additional skill, since the exquisite male this time has an actual clue about aesthetics for a change.

I think once Little Shiva, Haram Bawbag and the new piece of work is complete I will have established a more developed level, so I will probably do some promotional materials.

It is very interesting at the moment, working on pieces with such diverse inspiration.

Little Shiva is heavily Indian, to the point that some visitors to the mela stopped by at the weekend and asked about it, which was lovely and way better than Muriel Gray.  It is taking my textile work to a whole new level, although neither embroiderers nor other textile artists will recognise the path at all.  It is more of a feat of stamina than skill as the stitches are fairly simple.  I am wary of going too far down the route of intricate embroidery as it is neither practical nor particularly marketable.

Haram Bawbag is very decorative, and is intended as a story.  It expresses the effects of disorder on relationships as well as being outrageously female and quite dark, although you would need a trained eye to spot it.  The title is hugely culturally important and I am grateful to my Muslim friends for giving me the thumbs up for it.

The new piece, which has no name so far is commercial in nature but strays into a new realm – a lot of different skills are required for it, but as the recipient of this piece is a very elegant individual, I have to think in a different way to make it work.  I am channelling William Morris, Mucha and Klimt a little, although to be reasonable I have to simplify it a great deal although this dude is kind of important to me so my brain is running a bit wild right now.

It is extremely good fun I have to say, although I am feeling a little frazzled and am missing my coffee.  I am having to detoxify a little as I do not tolerate stimulants all that well.

Back shortly once I have topped up my vit c and raw chocolate quotient and moved this work to a satisfactory point.

Much affection,


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