Patience is a Virtue

I know I am taking a long time over this, but I have several pieces of work I want to do for Boris, and I want to make a reasonably nice job of it.  Boris has been a back burner for about thirty years, so I have rather a lot to say this time.

Alas my last two pieces in the first phase of the Boris collection are going to take a couple of hundred to finish, so not much going on in the studio at present.

I also need to invest in a piece of equipment to do some voice over work, so next month is going to be very expensive by my standards.

Found I was too posh to work in a six hundred a night hotel, which was quite alarming, I am not sure what is to become of me.  I am seeing a little interest otherwise, although the job I really want will be going to someone else as I do not see the point in applying when I have no confirmation that the issues preventing my doing it are resolved.

To put the hotel issue into perspective – I arrived alongside another, more recently qualified candidate who was dressed in an outfit that cost at least 20 times what I was wearing.  She was dragged into a cupboard and interrogated and I was led by two liveried staff into my own window seat in the ballroom, given tea in a silver pot, and greeted by every staff member with a lovely smile.  Even in my albeit elegant £40 outfit I was, apparently, royalty.  It’s very nice, but it doesn’t get me the job, particularly when the manager worries in case I eat them, presumably along with my tea.

Asher (the porn star) is awaiting more Asher, so I will be doing another one of those soon.  Writing is taking precedence whilst I tidy up some general management issues and move things on at home.

Anyway, should Boris get any crazy yet shrewd ideas – I do not wash socks.



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