Sick Today

But a couple of story ideas have popped up. I am sure once they are done I can dredge up a few more, the one where I was almost murdered in London by a random Dundonian smackhead and was rescued by another smackhead is quite good, particularly when coupled with the junkie that tried to roll me and was treated to a long monologue about how much better her life was than mine, it would be quite sick and funny.

The Worst New Year

Random Deadline

I’ll probably do Random Deadline first, as it is more immediately relevant.

Finally replaced the fridge, as it was well past its lifespan and was only working at all because I have an ice fetish.

Met two pleasant helpful people with no hangups about texting today, primarily because I was giving them money.

Apart from that, pondering why people generally are so lame.  They are never better than you expect, always worse. And since when did the UK argue like yanks?  Nobody is capable of discussion anymore.  When did that start?

It’s the cats I feel sorry for really. They deserved a nice person to protect them if I was no longer available. Unfortunately it appears I have again failed to find them one.


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