Work related stuff

Thinking of finishing Iain Duncan Smith is Fit for Work before doing the edges of the above, since I am really just making Haram Bawbag for fun now.

The photos don’t really do it justice at all, it is really fun in natural light due to the heavy use of glass and mother of pearl.

The lock and key thing was obviously gender related, but it referred to the dude’s previous relationship, which as you can see was a bit broken.

Currently working on Little Shiva’s lips for The Many Tongues of Little Shiva.  The tongues have now got to stage three, but this means another couple of weeks on more detailed embroidery when I finally get the metallics finished and then I will have to do some more finishing work on the central egg, which weighs a ton now.

I think my solution for the base is going to be a whisky barrel, which I will resin and bead.  I will be creating it in two parts, because it will probably take three people to move it when it is finished!

I can finish a few items whilst I am doing that, but I am getting tired of sewing now, so I am looking forward to making the windows and starting the long, long resin process.

Changing jobs now,  doing some stuff for that software giant alongside my usual stuff, and the job I was relying on to get a lot of artwork done is speeding up quite a bit.

Apart from that, very glad to be done with the previous chapter of life in general as it was not a safe period at all. Still worrying about Bawbag, but there is no point or relevancy in talking about it terribly much.  I am not sure I have felt quite so positive about my decision making for several years.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, and my friends are right.  I should really just bite the bullet and hit on Boris.  We were made for each other.  I am not sure why, but I think they are probably right.

Doing some pro photography and computer geekery tomorrow.




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