One of the staff on a recent project described talking to me as being a little bit like watching limitless, which I guess is a good thing.  I had better live up to it.

I will be releasing the first mix shortly.  We shall see how it goes, I do not plan to make a big deal out of it.  I have another two projects to launch and a lot of work to do now that I am not held back by the millstone of other people.

I think the summer planned project over egged the pudding quite a bit given that all I actually have to do to start a revolution is teach people how to express joy.  I was trying to get them to even discuss putting their hands in the air on the project and the response was terror.

It is quite alarming that people are so incredibly small.  We need to change that to get them to even think about changing their habits and work with them.

I have another couple of minor things to do in the meantime.  Boris is doing very well, but the sooner I can get some things done the better.

So happy not to have to deal with some things.

Here is today’s song for Staring Brat 2. Although we will never see each other again because you are a coward, at least I know how to make you smile.  I like thinking about you smiling.

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