Jemima Khan is Fit for Work

Ok so it has struck me that I have not really explained any of the pieces so I will be writing a blurb for each one.

The Fit for Work collection was mainly to entertain Boris, when he was still around, and was, of course, a nod to Iain Dunkin’ Smith and his ideas about what disability means.

Therefore the people who were declared fit for work in the collection, which in time will include Dunkin’ Smith himself, were all people who either did not work, were incapable of working without displaying evidence of their innate nastiness or who were otherwise people you would not consider particularly desirable in the workplace.

Jemima was selected as she has never had to work rather than anything appalling she has done.  Had I done one for her father, there may have been less attractiveness and more ‘vigour’ involved.

From a technical perspective, it was a case of amassing the correct fabric to recycle, and then recycling it in a way that would be acceptable to modern homes.  The wedding dress that was recycled for the beaded portions was imported and the rest followed from there.

Although you can see I used a lot of fabric and the pieces took a lot of time, they are fully dustable as the fabric was set using resin, a far more interesting use of resin than much of the resin work I see online. These items are not at all cheap to produce, but they are amusingly like life sized toy versions of the entirely practical item I make as a result. I quite like the idea of giant artsy toys. It suits the subject in this case.

It is a messy process and takes, at times months, hence the length of time Little Shiva has taken.

I also had to take the last couple of years off working with resin as my health was not in a sufficiently great state to be able to tolerate the toxin level.  The current occupants of my home take first priority, therefore I have to make sure that I am in a position to continue with that before I do anything.

Finally, apologies for my miserable post over New Year, but I am thoroughly tired of being the shiny bauble in the room, so I like to make up for it during the festive season by being utterly miserable.


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