August Update 2

Successful public sewing experiment in the coffee shop of my dreams, so I think the final assembly of Little Shiva may be done there, but I will give myself some extra time to get it to the point of assembly and put the backing on first I think.

Last of the stuff for Two Grapes arrived, it is going very well and looking exactly as envisaged so far.

Glass arrived for Haram Bawbag, which is going to be the first to finish I suspect.  It is a complicated bit of kit and involves a lot of curing time, so working hard on that just now.

Twisty asked to go to the aforementioned coffee shop this morning and I said no on the grounds that I am quite sure they will be sick of the sight of me over the weekend.

Working slightly too hard at the moment, but seem to be sleeping a lot in the moments between tasks.

I hope this update will be worthwhile in terms of both confidence and attention, but I am a lot happier than I was with my first resin experiments.  Basically by the time you are happy with resin, you are allergic to it, which is a rather annoying paradox.

Will be dropping Two Grapes off in Bearsden for His Glorious Tininess I suspect, as there is more room for storage there in case he hates it. There is a long way to go on it but I think it might be my best piece so far if it pans out.



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