It’s the weekend, time for work

We get to Saturday night this week before I can start work, mainly because I spent any available breaks this week ahem working.  Went to  Broomhill and got a couple of coffees from Kothel to celebrate.

The shoes are at stage one, the handbag collection has grown, I have several sources of inspiration so there will be a number of new styles developing, plus some unfinished work.

Unsurprising Habits of Unsuccessful people is very popular with heavy duty writers, so we have a rather unexpected hit on our hands.  Not a huge number of downloads, but certainly critical acclaim.  I have created a mug to celebrate, and once I have my tax situation sorted out, hopefully this evening, I will be doing mugs for all the covers. You can find it on the free books page, and the mug is available from my store on etsy.

Busy busy,


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