Where is Staring Brat 2?

I’m quite missing him actually, he’s been gone since before the weekend. Should he stop by, the bank is now banned from the website.

He’s probably bored.  So am I.

Collection is going well, looking a bit more fashiony than usual so far, but there is a long way to go.  This weekend has been very pink, but i got some good work done, and dug out some old stuff i had on the way for Wolfe, which I will finish off at the same time.

This is going to be a mammoth update, so it will take a little while to put together. The chair is not doing anything until the update is done, so don’t hang around until next autumn for that.

In the meantime, been turned down for another job I could easily do, which I have queried.

Met a creative person at work.  She said she was creative, but it seemed to involve watching youtube videos and visiting the CCA.  I did try not to say anything but I kind of did.

Anyway busy working towards the IRS and getting the taxation sorted out for Amazon, so once that’s done Ina will look a bit different and require a lot more work, which is tiresome but necessary.

After this update I will probably focus on the games and courses for further games.

No sign of the nice porn star, but I haven’t checked recently.  Met a cute Kurdish dude.

Not sure if I’m gaining or losing weight.  I haven’t been out much, because of the work, but some clothes are smaller and some much bigger, which is a bit odd.

Need to figure out some balance.  I’m getting a bit bored.

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