Your tasklist for this week

Ok I need

All the graphics done, I will give you a list of things to work on after I sleep off the effects of that horrible poison thing the evil corporatists gave me.

A copy of the Brexit board game box and board.  Source icon items for the moving parts.

At least five different dancers, about the same size as Boris.  They mustn’t be too young or too raj to do it, as this is not strictly a political project.  They will need some significant upper body strength though, since I do not need them to fall over in the middle of doing something.

Organise the green screen time, and it cannot be expensive

A top hat, as the one I have is brown and too wooly

Hunter wellies.

A blue rosette, and I do not want it to be too floppy

A hard hat – I may still have one somewhere

A variety of suits – I am very keen on dressing my lovely dolly in the course of the project

Wine, brandy  and cheese, for the bucket when I force him to eat vegetables.  I think you can probably deal with that already.  You have terrible habits.

The polo neck/snood thing worked well, but it is probably a bit louche, so I will probably do something about the jawline on fake Boris

A flat cap would be good for the Hunter welly idea.  Al is very cute in my head, and I would quite like to cover rural issues even though it will cause no end of trouble.

A stetson.  Two stetsons as Ina will need one too.

Think of something appropriate for Boris on a trampoline?

I need to get more Union Jacks.  I refuse to get the red hands of Ulster, sorry.  Another Wales and another England is probably necessary.

I need to get the giant Boris banner made, and the roller banner done – although I think the long thing I did was too long.

The Trident animation needs to be thought through – I will try to work on this tomoz after I stick the car in to get fixed.

Organise the hovercraft.

Artistic historic graphics for the history scene – I will take a look at this but you will prob worry about the graphics quality.

I will have a look at PA systems again.

I think that covers the first two – maybe. You might want a gimp, I don’t know.

Do we need to purchase crap to hand out to people?

I need to run a few taglines by you to see if I am being too complicated again as this needs to be mute south of the border.  They need to understand a complicated message in very few words.



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