No camels

Today was a long day of sewing, because apparently everyone ordered yesterday and I had a long day of waiting for orders that never came.

I got a full tongue done, and started the complex overlay on the lips.  Indian ladies are now taking quite an interest, so I am not sure what I am doing right, but hey great!

I have been sewing in the same spot for six months now, and people are greeting the work like an old friend.  When I am working on the central egg, you can’t actually see me in the car at all, it is so big.

As we are doing more intricate stuff now, it theoretically takes longer, but so far so good.

Decided to go with the hundred thousand french knots.

Tomorrow I think I will take off, so I will go to my favourite spot and maybe do a bit of sewing there for a change.  I have a lot of work to catch up on here, however, so we will see how I feel at the time.

I am still locking my doors all the time and feeling upset constantly, so I am seriously considering leaving my job.  I love the job, but it is not complicated and new things are incoming, so we will see how the new work pattern pans out.  I have my ideal situation in some sense, I can work 24 hours a day if I feel like it, and not see anyone, but I did love the rush of the job I was working so that I could be paid as I made Little Shiva’s chair. I also love getting to see people’s houses.

Met one of the fuckers from that job the other day (Frank, should Little Shiva drop in) and he actually had the audacity to try to greet me.

Lovely rasta dude stopped by briefly.  It is funny, a lot of people brush past the car in the road to get nearer the work several times before they pluck up the courage to say hello.  I have had an artist filming me for several hours, people taking photographs, people bringing their elderly parents to look and a lovely little black girl who was apparently transfixed for about half an hour before I noticed her.

I have decided to do a piece for my favourite coffee shop.  He will have to move something, but I don’t think he will mind.

I see bawbag has been on the site.  Say no to camels. Neither give nor receive camels.





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