Today I Became a Consultant

So, today this lovely Indian author greeted me warmly on Facebook and asked me for some advice.

As a general know-it-all I was very pleased to be asked.  Three hours or so later, I am wondering if perhaps it is time I wrote something for actual money?

The dude has a publishing contract, but no marketing back up.  I wonder about the future of publishing if this is normal?  He is with a publisher I can only dream about attracting.

Anyway, I am only doing about a tenth of what I should be doing in terms of promotion, to begin with this was because I thought my writing was very outre and a bit shaky, now it is sheer laziness and the knowledge that the best thing I can do for myself is write something else rather than sit and worry about marketing.

You do need to have some awareness of the limitations of time, however, so perhaps it is time I wrote something for actual moolah, cash, kudos, etc.

This involves a lot of annoying extra tasks, mainly in the USA.  I object to sending my original documents to another country.

Anyway, it appears my strategy has paid off, if such people are asking me for advice and taking it, so I guess I should take this whole brand thing more seriously.

In which case it is time I finished the games for my beloved Wolfe and wrote the stuff for Boris.

Hopefully I will have some good news shortly.

Toodle pip,


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