Work, work, work

work, work, work

Serious personal problems but I can report that work on the next few items is going very well.
I have created a range of items that take a few minutes every day for a month or so, at twelve hour intervals, which take up a horrific amount of space, but once I have completed the prototypes, I will have products which can be made in batches and have a serious amount of added value.
Possibly a little fussy for modern tastes, but you never know, perhaps I will start a trend for the decorative.
Have managed to get almost a thousand pounds worth of stuff I had lying around up for sale, slow and steady sales have meant I can continuously invest in the new lines.
Not in the mood for sewing just now, so I am working on the visual novel, and considering whether I want to write.  I tend to go a bit full focus on writing, so the issues with the house are bothering me a bit too much.
It is amazing how free your timelines become when you make a positive decision to ignore politics. I am very sad that so many people do not understand the problems they create.

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