Asad Shah and The Muslim Reformation

This man was killed a few minutes walk from my house yesterday. His attacker has been arrested, and the police have released only the information that they killed him for  ‘religious reasons.’
This final video was made two days ago in response to the attacks in Brussels.  Asad Shah, a recently declared prophet originally born into the Ahmadiyya sect,  committed the sin of proclaiming that there is a technical error in the way Islam is being interpreted, and that self purification and the love of mankind is the real core of Islam. Even his last posting on facebook was to wish Christians a Happy Easter.
If you watch the video, and see how his customers respond to him, you can see an example of why people like Donald Trump need to be stopped, and those dreadful libtards need to take action to protect a great many Muslims who have a far greater reason than you or I to fear people like ISIS and the young, angry, confused and hurt men who commit acts of murder and terrorism on behalf of their probably more charismatic friends and Imams.
The Catholic/Protestant reformation was a bloody affair which was really about politics, education and money.  The Muslim reformation is as much about enforcing shared moral values on geographical landmass in an effort to control and politically suppress populations as about threatening everybody else.  Intervening in the form of destroying families and property to enable the banks and corporations to take advantage of this religious phase is doing more to promote terrorism and acts of violence than prevent them.
In turn, acts of terrorism such as Brussels and Paris do more to promote racism, allow support for the invasion of your privacy, allow increases in security to further erode your liberty, and assist the very people who seek to repress free speech, freedom and opportunity for the general population.  The far right movements and simplistic boorishness of people like Farage and Trump are hugely benefitting from new audiences for their organ grinding.
Bear in mind, before you squeal about your commitment to eradicating the enemies of democracy, that you are confusing the actors in our current situation with the directors.  The fools who commit the acts of terror, are not the people who actually cause them.  In the meantime, the big picture is that there are as many, if not more Muslims at risk from other Muslims, as there are people of other faiths. Those dreadful refugees have something to run from.
Asad Shah may not have been the most entertaining or clear speaker in the world, but he was much loved in his local community, always had time for anyone who came into his shop, and wished for the world to be a peaceful place where people abided by their conscience and recognised the beauty of simple daily life.  As such, I think we can say he was a prophet, and has died the death of a true martyr.
As such, by his own faith, he will be blessed, unlike the perpetrator of the crime.

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