Finally cured – Little Shiva

I finally plucked up the courage to unblock Little Shiva, and I was fortunate to find some photos from 19 hours ago.

He is perfectly ordinary.  Either the year has not treated him well, or he is putting on weight again.  Back in Ilford I see.  One of you is still obsessed with last summer, I am not sure which one as I still get hits about it from Edinburgh and London.

The chair, however is not at all ordinary, and is going extremely well.  I will send him and his wife a pic of it when it is done.

Apart from that, seriously considering quitting one of the jobs due to generalised discontentment. I am tired of pretending to be nothing to suit the TV watching population.

Not feeling like writing at the moment, so I am sewing like crazy in an effort to get the chair done this year and move on to other things.

Ah well, another apathetic cure for enthusiasm.  Life is not very interesting or special any more. It could have been so much better. I would have liked to be in a different place emotionally.


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