Joy is Power

Well, since Twisty was too frightened to participate in No Glass Walls, and despite making every effort to meet useful people in the last year and a half or so I have thus far failed to find anybody or get to know them well enough to ask, I have decided to abandon it and start a new project.

This is not for want of effort, I am a nice person,  despite being a very large personality with great leadership skills, I seem to frighten little people.

The inspiration behind my latest work Haram Bawbag, was a case in point.  He made a series of erroneous assumptions, and when these all turned out to be incorrect, attempted to depress me into playing the little woman.

Those readers who have met me, and quite a few who have not, will know that this strategy is not likely to meet with much success.  All he has achieved is making himself look sexist and racist.

Apparently women are not to use power tools for some reason.  Why a penis is required to use a sander is anyone’s guess.  It could have something to do with the owner of the penis making that assertion, but I couldn’t possibly say.

Anyway, it looks as if campaigning against racism should really be focusing on non-white communities as far as I can see and from recent experience.  There is still a lot of work to be done on women’s rights as well, so why we have to insult ourselves looking at free the nipple campaigns when many countries view women as basically punch bags for poor male self image I do not know.

Joy is Power.  When someone tries to take your joy, they are trying to take your power.  Don’t let it happen.

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