Suggest a Policy for UKIP

  • UK population 65.4 million
  • Population of Greater London and the home counties 19 million
  • Population of Greater London 9 million

Now that Brexit is allegedly underway, UKIP seem to be at a bit of an impasse when it comes to policy, given that we were treated to some vague policies focusing on Muslims on TV this evening.

As this is unlikely to be a big vote winner, here are some alternative suggestions for UKIP.


  • Keep the pressure up on immigration, but avoid focusing on one group.  Instead, point out that the working population in the UK is overqualified, (we have the most graduates, native or immigrant in Europe for no apparent reason since we do not have the corresponding jobs) and offer to concentrate on job creation so that people can actually eat and perhaps procreate if they feel like it.
  • Clamp down on rogue landlords and employer-landlords who pay their tenants a salary to work in their other businesses.  If this is investigated, this will clean up a nasty third world part of the economy which relies on imported exploitation and flouts every employment law in the course of providing sweat shop labour right here in the UK.
  • Reverse the smoking ban or find an alternative way of accommodating smokers.  This caused the loss of approximately 3 million jobs in the hospitality industry in the UK.  Nobody seems to mention this, with the exception of David Cameron, who briefly mentioned it and then forgot about it, since it would involve admitting that smokers actually pay for their burden on the NHS twice over in tax.
  • Nationalise employment agencies so that the unemployed population can enjoy the benefit of temporary work to enhance their future prospects.  A return to the labour exchange system, now that we have mobile phones, could work extremely efficiently and would waste considerably less time for people who spend all their time either looking for, procuring or failing to enjoy temporary  jobs which all too often consist of waiting for days for an inefficient manager to tell you what they actually want you to do.
  • Partner the DWP with a large team of employment legal experts, in order to clamp down further on jobs which either do not exist, or involve doing something that is inherently dishonest.  Have a system where employees can report employment scams which benefit nobody.  Partner with colleges so that the overpriced courses, currently run by a host of companies which provide no benefit to the claimant, can be tailored to the requirements of particular areas or claimants and bring actual value to the unemployment experience.
  • Improve rent controls so that the rent paid by tenants accurately reflects the property value.  Housing benefit exists to benefit Conservative property owners, not the tenants themselves, who are frequently short changed to fill someone else’s pocket at their expense.
  • Social housing projects which employ the people desperate for work, so that they learn some skills and end up with somewhere to live.
  • A flat out ban on all religious schools, since church and state, whatever your persuasion, are really supposed to be separate.
  • Distribute job creation efforts to areas which actually need them, instead of spending every penny in London, which seems to be doing very well without further help.

UKIP are still a very raw party, and they are green as grass in front of the media.  Try weeding out the particularly stupid representatives and present a more mature front generally.

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