Plans for today and tomorrow

Couple of appointments as my normal self, Ina should be out and about after 3pm or so.  Not sure what I’m planning to do today, I think a couple of stills and some preliminary checks in daylight are in order before more a more serious approach tomorrow.

Still do not know what to do about work.  I feel sick that I have upset anybody, even if I don’t know them, which must seem bizarre as I am about to upset the whole country, but there’s the paradox of large scale work. I could try just asking him, but I think I would probably just get a load of double talk.

Still haven’t fully resolved Boris’s eyelashes, but I shouldn’t think it will matter much today.  I just want to pin down whether I can do the whole job myself, which will make life a lot easier.

I have prescribed the film director with megadoses of garlic and mullein, and he is doing well so far.  The NHS, who have had two chances to treat him now, are not taking his symptoms at all seriously.  He is registered disabled.  Unless his surgery continues to be interesting, I do not think he stands much of a chance in hospital now that they seem so deleriously happy to kill people.

Anyway, we are underway.

Must go and do some flag readjustments before we head off.




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