On Being Boris

Things I have learned from today:

  1. I am definitely a girl.  I need to work on that.  Even strapping the mammaries up failed to prevent my giving the game away with girly movements, particularly with my giant hands, oddly.  People seemed somewhat aroused by watching my ex suffocate me with duct tape, however, which was quite funny as we don’t think like that at all. He complained of dizziness after running around me 65 times.
  2. When making costumes, be aware that your wording will then determine your movements.  This is not the Glass Walls project, so I cannot cross my arms and look mean.
  3. Avoid pictures near a senotaph.
  4. Have a firm idea what you want to say before taking said photographs.
  5. I am very good at sewing.
  6. I am almost as good at making masks, but I still need to work on it a little for good quality photography.
  7. I am thinner than I thought I was.
  8. I need to be more confident although I have improved enormously with my campaign of walking terror.
  9. People may object to Ina’s anonymity.
  10. The hood gives me an incredibly small head.
  11. Boris needs neater trousers than Ina.
  12. Boris is extremely popular.
  13. When using a new camera, do not trust a photographer to sort out the problems with it.
  14. Your level of confidence determines how much space people give you when doing things, even when they are fairly hazardous like waving giant flags.
  15. Make sure that your photographer realises that you cannot see inside a large mask, so that any anomalies can be corrected.
  16.  Do not rely on sunlight, as it does not always photograph well.
  17.  Explain the shots in detail, so that you can be guided by the person taking the shot.
  18. Possibly fire yourself, and replace yourself so that you can get exactly what you want from the pictures.
  19. This project is not cheap, but it is great fun.
  20. Redirecting your feelings does not 100 percent work.
  21. Doing a project like this is a great cure for shyness.

I would include some shots from today, but they were all a bit lame, so I will see how much we can improve tomorrow and update then.

So nice to be working.




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