PC Bigotry

I have seen a lot of bigots in the recent past, most of them millennials.

First we had the genius punting American corporate propaganda to his robotic staff, most of whom told him how wonderful it was to preserve their temporary income.  When I pointed out that this was how World War 2 started, he was aghast, but he has moved most of his operation back to the Land of the Free, a country which inspired many of Hitler’s ideas in the first place.

Then we had Little Shiva, who had a manager backing him to claim that anything he claimed was harassment, was actual harassment, which led to the ridiculous situation of a very polite email stating that I was an artist and author being cited as harassment.  He later claimed that it was the Sadist that did this, but in order for the Sadist to do this, he had to have the email in the first place. Little Shiva then proceeded to stare constantly for weeks whilst I completely ignored him, which rendered him even more furious.  He is still doing it.

When I pointed out that people asked each other out for drinks by email all the time, and that any one of these emails could then be cited as harassment, that was considered OK because it was not me doing it.

Following this, we had more false accusations, and I also had to call out a public body for allowing extensive ageism in the workplace.  The same people who will accuse you of racism for using the word Muslim in a conversation about Islam feel quite free to laugh about having their older relatives terminated in order to pay their student loans. Not just once, day after day after day.

Of course you have to bear in mind that this kind of confusion is exactly what globalists want.  It is highly desirable to have a heavily diverse population, who are unlikely to form collectives or campaign for a fair wage or a right to a pension.  It is highly desirable because it makes everybody easier to manipulate.

It also makes it easier to impose entirely false and unfair judgements on individual situations depending on whom you are trying to oil up.  Haram Bawbag, for example had no trouble finding support for his bullshit, whereas were I to threaten somebody and then choose to literally scream for an hour on the phone I doubt I would find much in the way of assistance.

Today we have the icing on the cake, an author that was previously on my friend’s list decides that a gay man seeing him in his home village and messaging him to attempt a relationship is now apparently stalking.

It is only stalking if you don’t happen to want to sword fight with your tiny sausage.  Otherwise grow the fuck up, say no thank you and get on with the rest of your very, very sad life.

That goes for the rest of you too.



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