My birthday, and I’ll sew if I want to

Well, today (18th) was my birthday and I spent it working on the mandala, which is looking lovely. It is scheduled to take another month, but I may alter the plans a bit, depending on how it is looking when it is through this bit.  It is extremely complex, and so I have to take it one section at a time.  There is also a lot of overstitching, which you have to plan ahead for with a large piece of work due to maneuverability issues.


The Wolfish tank is being tiled at the moment, and I am thinking about starting back on the enlightenment portion of the project shortly.  Wolfish is next up after the mandala is complete, but will take quite a lot of time, and I will have to find a bicycle for Harley, as he is in the tank too.


Writing has stopped as I am waiting for some cables to see if I can scrape the books off the old hard drive, which cannot be started by conventional means.  So this time I had to research data recovery. Interestingly, I found that data recovery is not all that complex, and there are quite a few things you can try before resorting to a data recovery company.


Wonders will never cease, the only person in the world who actually remembered my birthday was Wolfe, who apparently chose today to unblock me from Twitter.  Why this would be I do not know.  I can only assume that there is some sort of Twitter fault, or he is looking for some amusement from my timeline.  Either way, he is unlikely to change his past MO, and so I can look forward to a pretty freaky conversation with a random stranger which makes no sense at some point in the future. This is unlikely to get us very far.


It is odd that Boris comes across as a very kind person, despite his political affiliations.  I will be working on Lucifer Ogilvie as a priority because of this.  Best Adventure Ever is best left until I have completed this work, and by the time I have finished it, I will have some handle on what the artwork for Boris will look like.  So far, the only thing I know is that the colour range is a lot more subtle, and the work a bit more technical. Boris’s mother is an artist, so I trust that he can be relied upon to be a bit more understanding than Wolfe was. I also have a bit of mathematical work to do for Lucifer Ogilvie, so this will be fun.


My apologies to regular readers for a spot of scattiness here and there in the last few posts.  I get little sleep because of the worry of mother, and this seems to be affecting a few things.  I will be working on this, along with my depressing lack of self care, over the next few months.  It is no fun being stuck in the house all the time, but feeling ill does not improve it.


Should you see an ad on twitter, it is because I am experimenting a little to see if it is any more effective than facebook or google.  I am not expecting much, but I will let you know how it goes.


I have made no progress at all on the marketing or coding side of things so far this year, but once the sewing is out of the way I will be on it.



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