Not so Cute

Well, well, the culture of viciousness is worse than I thought.

On the plus side, I met two members of my tribe on my trip out today.  Both were imaginative non-conformists and both almost saluted me in addition to saying hello.  Evidently I now cut quite a dash, which is always nice since I had never met either of them.

So, I messaged the previous advertisement, and very cheerfully informed the advertiser that his advert was illegal, and recommended he try a personal ad, since it is pretty clear what the dude actually wants, or so I thought.

Within two exchanges, he became abusive.  The dude is incel. Look it up if you don’t know what that means. I do not know or care what he looks like, but he has announced it to the world along with his address, place of work, mobile number and distaste for actually conversing with anybody about anything but himself.

He has now actually read some of the blog, and he continued to be abusive about that.  Not a surprise he needs to pay for company of any kind.

He is just one of the unlucky people who has had a very easy career in a technical arena where he does not get to meet any women, and now he is scared of them to the point of being like a wild animal.

Am I to assume that this generation of males are all obsessed with control and putting other people down to make themselves feel better?  Do they all, like SB, refer all conversations to another member of staff because they cannot cope with real life?  Is this the future?  I do not forsee much joy if that is the case.

I’m with Boris.  Fuck business, and fuck this miserable idea of a culture.  Fuck it.

Anytime you’re ready, big boy.





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