The new political era begins with…

The new political era begins with….

The last couple of days have been interesting with three key pieces of news

Bayer is suing Europe for preventing them from killing the small number of bees we still have
Poland, who’s workers are elsewhere in the EU earning more money, are employing North Koreans
Neil Oliver throws his toys out of the pram because somebody used his own words against him

Why am I putting these three pieces of news in the same post?


I have been warning of the dangers of over-large business for a very long time.  Basically, if people had any brains, they would research everything they buy extremely thoroughly to ensure that their money is not supporting:

indentured labour (Cadburys chocolate, Apple, Asda via Walmart)
land redistribution to the wealthy and destruction of the planet (GMO and the chemicals, such as Round up which support their distribution, and the Bayer equivalent)
investment in unethical practice (most large banks)
monopolisation of retail (supermarkets, chainstores)

Now we have a lovely example of what you have to look forward to following TTIP.  Big business is now ungovernable, as they will be able to sue to get whatever they want.  You can look forward to branded everything, with no alternative if you change your mind.  Your opportunities will be extremely limited unless you can find a crazy benefactor to provide you with sufficient capital to compete, even in a limited way, on almost every product.  Bayer haven’t even bought Monsanto yet, and they are already illustrating what will happen constantly after TTIP has been signed.


For those who still do not understand.  80 percent of France’s bees are dead due to pesticide poisoning from Bayer products, and Bayer would like the right to kill the other twenty percent by selling pesticide.  Without bees, the world is likely to hurtle towards a very swift unnatural end.  GMO is bad for small landowners, bad for the environment, and bad for your personal freedom.  The giant chemical companies producing your lovely cleaning products, garden chemicals and chemical weapons do not wish you well, or think far beyond their next quarterly performance report.  In the meantime your food supply will be under the control of a guy who wants a bigger swimming pool and could not care less if you are healthy. (think Tories)


Things are not looking good.  If you replicate this example for retail, you can see what I mean about your children, or their children, not being able to do so much as open a shop if they want to, because as soon as retailers like Walmart have the right to, they will prevent this via very tight regulation, or simply move up the supply chain until the consumer has no effective choice but to give them money.  Just so you understand how this works – in the USA, Eli Lilly did a deal with Walmart to produce diabetes medicine which could only be sold by Walmart.  Hence, you go and buy your Frosties on the basis that sooner or later you will be at the pharmacy buying diabetes medication.


So, if you are following this, food at source, food at the point of retail, and pharmaceuticals to cure your food related illnesses are provided by extremely large companies who collude to direct your consumption.  You should really ignore 99 percent of what you are told and find out for yourself just how corrupted your life has become, whilst you did nothing.


The world is not an innocent place, and there is no need for you to play the game and become sick because the Board of Nutrition is infested with representatives from companies such as these.  You could simply opt out, accept the fact that you are lied to every day, and go and find the truth for yourself.  Give your money to companies who do not act like the above, and who need to grow to compete and prevent the abuse of the consumer.  I have told you this several times already in previous posts.


So, that deals with point one, here we go with point 2:


With governments and business alike small is beautiful.  Being in a large state, even the UK is too large for me personally, is a bad idea, because you lack control of key decisions.  Poland is now sending its labour force abroad to send money home and employing labourers who are being exploited by the regime in North Korea.  NATO and the UN get their boats fixed by North Koreans.  Yes, the very people who claim that they are the enemy are now exploiting them and feeding the regime with money these people earned.  Meanwhile, jobs are still scarce in the countries the Polish have been sent to and it is you, the native population who are told that you are scrounging scum who must take repeated losses in wage rates.  Poland is doing OK out of it.  The UK doesn’t care as long as the plumber comes quickly, and there is nothing at all wrong with the Poles.  The key point here is – you are being directly lied to at every turn, and the North Koreans continue to suffer.  This time, however, the blood is on your hands.


Point 3


Neil Oliver has effectively just announced the beginning of the UK’s drive to prevent a second referendum/yes vote.  Using the word cancer against him would simply have been using his own words, and he has illustrated perfectly what the Uk is planning on doing to prevent independence.  They did it to India, too.  England imagines that if they just keep telling people that their culture is subordinate, they can carry on taking resources.


The good thing about this is that it is entirely predictable.  Blocking the most aggressive trolls and concentrating on the swing votes using actual data would be good.  Keep an extremely cool head and double check everything before you use it, as Twisty fell foul of Wing’s ‘Gingerbread’ post earlier this week.  I will post some facts and figures in a handy post at some point relatively soon, for those who want a lazy reckoner to refer to when challenged. I managed to turn an abusive troll into an apologetic worm this morning by simply staying calm and ignoring most of what he said, so I recommend getting up from the computer at frequent intervals when irritated.


The reason for Neil kicking this off before a referendum is even being discussed is fear.  Westminster is now seriously worried about losing the golden-egg laying goose.  This is a positive sign. Whilst I am concerned about leaving England in the lurch, I do not think they would show us any concern whatsoever.


Taking these three pieces of information, I am more convinced than ever that Brexit was a good accident, although I do not trust the Tories with power long term.  If they show me some evidence that they can cope with real responsibility I may think more highly of them, but at the moment I suspect that cash will still be king with these individuals.


Frankly, you would be safer if it was in the hands of Prince Charles, who saw the light about GMO and big business a long time before the government did some years ago.  I realise many of my nationalist readers will spit on that for an opinion, but it is a fact.  Honour and duty are not quite dead yet.


To summarise:


The world is about to turn to a corporatist shitstick, and you will be at the wrong end of it.  Rethink your plans and think smaller and more locally.  Keep a close eye on government, as they are no more competent than you are.  Stay cool, and make positive decisions.  Reread this post.




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