I hate the Labour Party

So, today I see that Kier Starmer is increasing penalties for benefit cheats, and I went off on an internal rant about the Labour Party.

Does anyone in this country seriously think that benefit cheats do it because they are rich?

It was Labour that introduced penal punishment for benefit cheats as far as I remember.

It was also Labour that introduced PFI, a system which has led to the NHS being unreasonably crippled by the ever increasing burden of paying for substandard public buildings.

It is Labour that have had control of the social work department, who make your life hell and basically exist to rob the elderly if they require care.

It was Labour that took Scotland’s sea under Tony Blair, whilst you were all sitting on your arses voting for him.

It was Labour that removed Scotland’s regiments.

I do not like Labour.  I, unlike many people in Scotland, have not had any time for Labour at any time during the last 30 or so years.  They do not do what they say on the tin and they are not particularly good at hard sums.

Hard sums, as anyone who knows me well knows, is what I used to say about economics.  You can do anything you like, as long as you know which hard sums to do.

Unfortunately my father believed quite strongly in and gave money to Labour, on the basis of a kind of 1930s hippy idealism in which the communitarians stupidly believed that the Labour movement transcended national boundaries and the working man would benefit from a One World Government.  We now know, because people keep having more babies, that this is neither practical nor good for the average working person, and that a One World Government would not be particularly helpful against massive multinational companies.

One of the most poorly paid jobs I ever did was meter reading, at 7.70 an hour in the late 90s.  It now pays 7.70 an hour.  This is not acceptable.

My apologies for pointing this out, but Labour does not actually give a shit about you, and looking at this crop of faux worthies, they are unlikely to get a clue within my lifetime.

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