Hello Bojo

Right, since I have spotted you peeping at the website, I am now not going to talk about you until I am confident that you have gone away again. I am funny that way.

My Slovenian friend, who is a bit like the equivalent of Kirsty Wark in Slovenia, have been discussing the news quite a bit this week.  It seems that every country is encouraging corona hysteria at the moment.

In reality, coronavirus seems to be aimed at meateaters, men, the elderly and has the viral capability of a cold.  I very quickly gathered from the statistics quoted that if not reported, it would basically just be a big case of the sniffles.

For some reason, we are being encouraged to think about this as a spooky dangerous thing from China, potentially lethal and probably man-made.  Are we to take this as a threat, or is there some other reason why we are being fed this as a crucial news story?

The likelihood is that something important is being ignored, and all the spaces are being filled with yet more information about this virus.  So the probability is that something crucial is being hidden.  I do not even want to know what this is.

Meanwhile in China, word on the street (I work in China)  is that people are returning to work next week, and so the fuss is dying down.  It is just not as exciting as people thought it was going to be.  Not likely to become the next Spanish flu so far.

Back in the UK and we seem to be having a lull in the cripplingly low speed race towards Brexit.  Farmers who voted for it are wondering how they will find workers, and closures which had been scheduled for years are being blamed on it.  It is all a bit sleepy really.

I await the rude awakening.  In the meantime I am continuing with my plans and awaiting the call of duty.  Resolving a few health issues in anticipation. Spring seems to have come early in my fevered brain.


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