Officially no longer friendly

It is very sad, but I was pushed one step too far today and I wasted no time in indicating to the person that I am no longer friendly.

This was as a result of the person talking over me and making entirely unreasonable demands based upon a series of assumptions he had made.

  1. His requirements are more important than mine.
  2. I am available, therefore he can feel quite free to tell me what to do.
  3. Nothing that I would want is as important as he is.
  4. I will respond to insipid flattery.
  5. I am nice, therefore I will do whatever he wants.

I put him right on that score.  I also indicated that as my gift to Bawbag was effectively taken from me, two men had been driven sufficiently insane by the sight of a woman sewing in a car to batter on the side of it and shout at me, and my actual job is apparently invisible, I am not interested in talking to any more timewasting people therefore he can piss off and bother someone who cares.

I wonder what any of the people over the last two years think they have achieved by this? I will now not be kind, biddable or interested in what other people want.  I do not think this is an improvement.

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