@Gazthejourno and misogyny

Today I have worked hard on the mandala, and am feeling rather easily amused.  So I see that @Gazthejourno believes Glasgow, a city famed for its incredible Victorian and post Victorian architecture, a fact we like to keep secret from the rest of the UK, is a sewer and that the SNP are Nazis.  He is a lightweight tabloid journalist that believes he can bring about a defensive erection in the jock-hating English by mentioning haggis.


So, I have decided to add a misleading headline of my own to this charming man’s mention in my ongoing blog.  Today’s topic is about @Gazthejourno and mysogyny.  Now Gaz can enjoy the effects of people who cannot be bothered reading the post making assumptions about him, just as they do about the SNP.


For the uninitiated, the SNP are about as far from being Nazi as you can get.  So far, in fact, that the Union Jack is now associated with racism, insular thinking and not getting the government that you actually vote for.  Instead we are ‘ruled’ by a series of appallingly disinterested politicians, toeing in many cases, a line that they barely understand. “Oh but we have to starve the poor, it is right here in the party history.  The Conservatives are the party of conserving the status quo.”  Or even more tragically “Austerity is right, it must be, the Tories have always done it, so Labour should now do it too.”


Wanting our country back is nothing to do with hating English people.  Whilst feelings run high amongst a population sick of being lied to and sidelined, we have a tradition of not only welcoming, but marrying and bonking ‘foreigners’ who come to our shores.  Gaz has failed to do his homework. To be fair, he probably isn’t asked to do much, at whichever rag he scribbles for.


Now for misogyny.  I have had lengthy relationships with many misogynists.  They are under-rated, in some respects, as they are usually tragically inadequate and actually hang around for years, in between their attempts to have a relationship with a trophy bitch.  As trophy bitches do not particularly like being interrupted, and they certainly don’t like anyone questioning their right to other people’s money, these relationships inevitably do not last long.  Any question of them lashing out in anger is laughed off and the trophy bitch simply goes hunting for a better prospect.  I used to play backgammon with a money pig that had married one of these goddesses, and despite his constant whining, he was perfectly happy.


I have always assumed that these things come down to ‘daddy issues.’  A man who has always failed to please daddy, assumes a more exaggerated male posture than he is really capable of, choosing to spend his time on male pursuits in an effort to placate the male gender for his failure to impress.  The trophy bitch he marries, was very spoilt by daddy, who was away working to pay for her lipstick. Therefore her spending his money on ribbons and fripperies whilst he watches football or cricket suits both of them perfectly.


If he calls her crazy, this is fine because she is a woman, and incapable of doing anything sensible anyway.  This gives you a lot of leeway to do really silly things, and not be blamed for them because you are a woman.  If he cheats on her, it is because he is a big man and cannot help himself.  As long as a financial arrangement is reached, the relationship then survives.


Likewise, he does not have to grow out of it, and neither does she.  I have lost count of the number of elderly couples like this that I have come across in the course of my life.  It is a trade-off, like many other trade-offs in life.  Their divorce rate may be marginally higher, particularly in the USA, where trading her in for a younger model is a sign of wealth, but otherwise nobody has to change anything about themselves, and all remains fine.


As I have said, I have had twenty year or longer relationships with dudes just like this, so I know one when I see one, and it does not phase me one bit.  Weak men are fun, it is just different fun, and at the end of the day, as long as you have a few of them, does it really matter if they stray off to try another trophy bitch?  They always come back, sooner or later, for some comforting ass kicking.

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