We have no Prime Minister


That mask took me weeks and weeks.  My former friend contributed the wig and the base for it, I spent several weeks with t tiny paintbrush getting the lips, they eyes, the nose, the skintone looking right.  It is now lying in a cat basket somewhere in the house.  It would make a better prime minister than the real thing.

The idea at the time was to create a video dialogue so that I could explain easily and quickly how to negotiate the choppy waters of Brexit, because simply reading it does not work nearly as well as edutainment.  I was concerned about the welfare of the population at the time.

The project did not get completed because of Little Shiva getting me fired and my friend refusing to participate, which left me with noone to operate the camera.  As a result we have two major disasters instead of one. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have the benefit of not wanting to actually kill people.

To be fair, he did not expect to become Prime Minister, and even when it was clear that it was on the cards, did not want to be Prime Minister.  I wonder now, having established that he is neither a good leader nor capable of creating strategy, if it would not be better if he were not Prime Minister.

I have spelt out a number of times what he would have to do to get his position back on track.  The things he needs to do include getting rid of the clique responsible for making use of covid19 as an opportunity for eugenics – because presumably nothing bad will ever happen to these people and they will never experience unemployment, disablement or old age, so they think this policy is an actual vote winner.  I have direct experience of people like this, and in terms of eugenics, the world would be better off if they had never been born.

Stanley Johnson wrote a book about reducing the population right after having five children, none of whom are useful or particularly pleasant people as it turns out.  We do wish you hadn’t bothered, Stanley, and for matter your father shouldn’t have bothered either.

So, apart from failing to remove the people responsible for this mess and replacing them with a less bloodthirsty alternative, what else do we have as failings?

  1. Failing to identify Matt Hancock’s overseeing of NHS supply chain as being a significant problem.
  2. Failing to answer emails from suppliers, instead focusing on big brand suppliers to delay provision of equipment.  This was in order to get people to sign forms in care homes and at home declining medical treatment.
  3. Failing to simply look up the existing material on Covid19 and replicating the actions of a successful nation.  Successful nations now include Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Australia
  4. Failure to attend meetings and query what was going on.
  5. Reliance on Dominic Cummings to relay scientific information he now claims to rely on.  “Oh, it’s OK Boris, just a few pensioners.” Who voted for Dominic Cummings? Has it crossed Boris’s mind that the target group include his own father?
  6. No need to protect expensively trained medical staff or carers because we actually want people to die so they are the ideal means of transmission. Certainly no reason to protect supermarket workers or delivery staff because they are cheap, and therefore worthless.
  7. Failing to take heed of the 2016 report on pandemic preparation.
  8. Failing to turn up and do the actual job.
  9. Failing even to count the corpses properly or acknowledge mistakes.
  10. Failing in his duty of care to the public.
  11. Even his own scientific adviser is saying that they are likely to be seeding the care homes with infection.

Boris was on this website the night he became Prime Minister. I was quite touched at the time.  I am now very angry. He is yet another in a long list of people who just aren’t good enough. I get passed over at every opportunity in favour of people like this. I fully expected when I pointed out that the advice on wearing a mask was incorrect that he would do something about it.  He did not.  This is deliberate.

No, instead we get endless PR videos and soundbites, which are not very useful.  Boris is not a good leader, nor is he a worthwhile Prime Minister.  All that is going to happen as a result of the pandemic is:

A few tory boys will make some money, Matt Hancock via SCCL, Marc Warner has already siphoned more than 250 million for an app which nobody in their right mind would install on their phone.  The people making the decisions on this are incompetent. Nobody cares.

The measures they have put in place because of the pandemic will be used against dissenting voices.

Probably mandatory vaccination provided by yet another fucking useless Tory.

Saying that ‘this is not the time’ and ‘when this is over’ is not good enough. People are dying now because you are a failure.

We have no Prime Minister.  We have an empty mask who is barely capable of managing himself, never mind the country. I cannot tell you what a disappointment this has been.  Apparently the only thing Boris cares about is Boris.



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