Conservatives cannot read?

Apparently some conservatives get through life so easily that they cannot actually use Google or read, so here are some handy links if you are  socially isolated, academically inept, and presumably cold as ice, and have not actually noticed what the public’s response to the nasty party’s recent scandals actually referred to. Saying that it is an issue about accounting practices does not make it so.


Thousands died after fit for work assessment


Over 4000 people have died soon after being found fit to work by jobcentre assessment


Ten thousand benefit claimants declared fit for work under Tory assessment have died


Harder fit for work tests connected to rise in number of suicides


Fit for work disability tests linked to increase in suicides


More than 2300 died after fit for work tests


Starving soldier died


Ian Mulholland- Sanctioned, Starved, Jailed


Famished woman fined £330 for stealing a mars bar after benefits stopped


Yes people can starve to death in benefit sanctions Britain


One in five benefit related deaths involved sanctions admits DWP


People starving to death in the UK – on David Cameron’s doorstep


Factcheck – is the government starving the poor?




Please get a sense of proportion and grow up. It is happening, just because nobody has slashed their wrists over your petunias, it does not mean it goes away.  The Tory Government has made the entire country guilty of murder by neglect. That is not good politics, and it certainly isn’t good economics.



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