First day out as Ina

Well that was interesting.  Spent my first day out as Ina whilst we were filming.  She seems to cut a fairly compelling figure.

She isn’t particularly sexy for this project, although my weight loss has mysteriously started anew.  I assume it is something to do with water consumption.

Some wind issues with the gameplan.  I had not realised my gardens were so sheltered. There is a significant difference between keeping the flags moving and dealing with actual wind, so there will have to be some tweaks.  I look forward to seeing what it actually looks like once the edits are finished.

We should be out and about again tomorrow, hopefully with Boris and a few outfits for his intro.

I was asked how I am feeling at the moment.  The answer is very happy in my skin, which apparently makes me considerably more attractive.  Not sure why this is, as I am still only slightly smaller than I was in October.  Blocking out any remaining fear and negativity after the last few months of my mother’s life, when I was constantly being pestered by NHS staff who apparently suffered from bloodlust and disdain for palliative care.

The sooner we open a debate about the legitimacy of having NHS staff making decisions for you and your family members the better.  We shall deal with that after the most pressing issue, which is of course Boris.

I think we will get into more serious workflow next week once the car is repaired.  This week we are ensuring that we know what the camera can do, figuring out the difficulties of location shooting and any glitches with the costumes and flags so far.

Once we have all this sorted out, and a decent PA and banners we will take it on the road.  I also need a spare Boris, as we need a minimum of three on tour.

Looking forward to getting into more of a routine. In the meantime, doing a little background paperwork.

Much love,



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