Alternative National Survey post 1

Please find above, the link to the Alternative National Survey.  You will find it is worded as if you are having a conversation with an actual person, and so you will find slightly off beam additions to each response.  Each question is tailored to answer a different set of questions, which I will explain when I have sufficient data.  It does not matter what you vote, or whether you get the answer right, it just matters whether you answer and/or select from the options available.


Please do not insist on attempting to speak to me about making it look like every other survey you have ever done, because I will not be interested.  This is not a job interview, and even if I presented it the way you think you want it, you would not give me the job, because I am not just like you, thank goodness. There is nothing at all wrong with this, but this is an informal survey, so feel free to answer as honestly as you can or not bother, depending on how tramped on your precious tippy toes are feeling.


I would particularly welcome answers from No voters, Orange Lodge members etc to get a more even picture of what people think when they imagine independence and how they view economics. My overall impression is that class tension is what really divides Scotland, and yesterday’s performance reminded me just how much class hatred masquerades as liberalism in Scotland.


Therefore the survey has been worded by a posh (first generation) person, with one conservative (Govanhill) and one communist (school truant from Govan) parent, with a huge amount of experience of people all over Scotland, who once specialised in dealing with ethnic minorities and migrants, specifically to encourage honest and possibly slightly outraged answers.  If you cant deal with it, it is because you do not understand it.


Thank you to all who responded so far and took it in good spirit, I will give you a full explanation when I have a decent and reasonably representative chunk of responses.  We need more no voters at the moment.







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