On the Subject of Boris

Right, before I get any more dubious fan mail asking for my opinion of this or that, perhaps I need to explain this again:

I do not focus on individuals in terms of staring at them or hanging on their every word.  I do not pick on people I necessarily agree with or feel that I have everything in common with them.

Boris is an unusual case in that I have always suspected that we would get on exceptionally well, because we have a very similar background in terms of loose eccentricity and not feeling the need to agree on anything.  We both have an awareness of the futility of seeking perfection, because essentially nothing is ever right in the first place.

Basically, all my work is a kind of emotional impressionism, which is entwined with my love of code and word games.

The work for Wolfe was probably purer, because it was less flash, in many respects.  That is because I was younger and less confident, for one thing, and because it was purely about longing, for another.  Wolfe and I would probably kill each other within 24 months, but it would be a fun 24 months and we would probably emerge as more dynamic people, provided we weren’t dead.

Boris brings in a whole lot of new themes and thoughts, given that I do have a large-scale interest in politics – that is to say – I do not care about what people did last week – I care about the philosophy, economics and direction.  In the event, therefore that Boris wishes to stick his foot in it,  he is welcome to do so and I will look on it much the same way as i look on a snowdrop growing in the wrong part of the garden.

Please do not send me any more drivel referring to Boris’s opinion on Russia or anything else.  I neither know nor care why Russia would particularly care what we were doing.  Frankly I am surprised that Russia would be interested at all.  I tend to look on Russia as a bit of a prankster nation, in the same way that I look on Germany as a little spoilt ten year old in a bath holding a plastic boat.  Every few years Russia likes to look up from her book and say “Remember how very, very scary I am.”  Then she waggles her finger and goes back to reading dark comedies.

It is a very American theme, inducing fear of Russia, and America is a disordered teenager with too many weapons.  America is far further from being civilised than America is capable of understanding, so, no, I don’t give a shit about Russia.  Russia has great literature and a sense of humour.  America has a bad case of narcissism in comparison, so gaslighting everybody else to try to goad Russia makes perfect sense.





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