Why do people damage each other?

The chair is going extremely well, and I am working on second runs of the basic work prior to adding some calligraphic pattern and rendering it ready for the carpet layer.  After that I will be putting on the first backing, waterproofing it and putting in the windows to start the resin process.

Today I discussed returning to management consultancy or entering the world of natural health, because that makes perfect sense, apparently.  I have no idea how this is going to work when the economy crashes, but I have a lot of survival skills.

I considered how many ways I could, if I wanted to, get the Libyan prosecuted and wondered whether I should waste my time doing this.

Why?  Well he had absolutely no reason to damage me, and yet consistently threatened me as a response to my creating a gift for him.

Little Shiva very similarly had absolutely no reason to damage my job, and yet felt quite free to make sure my career would be terminated.  Why do people do this?  It is a waste of time and energy.

My theory is that when they feel powerless, they try to harm you to create an illusion of power that does not actually exist.  Little Shiva ended up getting himself fired, and the Libyan  is currently squandering money on a second rate vegan cafe to reassure himself that he isn’t a moron. Unfortunately he is, so this will not help him very much.

I have now had another three opportunities to cause him harm, and I have said no to every one of them.  I regard such behaviour as a waste of my time.  He thinks jihad means annoying non-believers.  I am not sure who has told him this, but whoever it is is also not very bright.  It is also possible that he has simply not listened to his imam, as he apparently only has one topic of conversation, which is himself.

The amount of power this individual has is alarming.  As we speak, people are being killed and maimed in a war.  It was news to him that people were starving, never mind being shot or maimed, such is his lack of awareness of the world around him.

So, besides lack of empathy or basic awareness, feelings of powerlessness and lack of insight, why do people set out to harm you for no reason?

I think you should take it that you have something they don’t have.  In my case I am an open-minded and generous person who cares about others, and they seem to have tremendous difficulty with this concept.  Like Americans, if they don’t understand you, they then try to destroy you, so you can kind of take it as a compliment.

In this way, you can preserve what is good about you rather than getting suckered into a negative vortex.

Turning the other cheek, therefore, is an expression of power.

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