Three strikes and you’re out

I have had a very difficult week all things considered, so I am going to review my behaviour.

I will no longer be supportive of erratic behaviour, nor will I be attempting to help people who cross my path with problems.  I think this is overdue, and I think this will help me save a lot of time I had previously wasted on pointless things.

I have been guilty of being too nice about some things, and responding in kind to people I should not have wasted time on.  Apparently you get to do whatever you like to other people even when they are extremely kind to you and get you through a bad emotional situation.

I was told by the police this week that attempting to encourage a persistent law breaker to obey the law was a bad thing, and that I was apparently at fault despite being pestered by a person with at least four personalities.  The correct course of action now appears to be to report breaches of the law and use the police as nannies to deal with it.

As far as I am concerned, recent events have told me that people with money and sheltered lives take pleasure in wasting police time attempting to damage each other, and I find this deeply offensive.  The police are there to solve crimes, not waste hours and hours of time bringing cases against people who are basically just irritants and who do not even know what jihad is.

People are starving to death whilst you arse each other around, it is not remotely virtuous to piss about like this. You are supposed to be functional adults and we do not live in a school playground.

I do wonder now, what Muslim women married to morons do for several years whilst their lives are messed up by poor decision making.  I assume the only answer is to get a divorce, as if you choose to misinterpret the hadiths about women, listening to them is the very opposite of what you are supposed to do, even in cases relating to the laws of the land you happen to be in, and even if you are educationally subnormal/high as a kite.  You would have to be deaf or extremely stupid to tolerate this.

In any case, I am very glad the dunce made the mistake of causing me problems, as he has effectively banned himself from bothering me again.  I need do nothing at all.

As for my so-called friend thinking this is a good time to kick me when I am down, bye then.  I will of course refund you when it is possible to do so. And no, I still don’t think your bullshit is a police matter.





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