This beautiful man stopped by the car for the second time. I love looking at him, but if he knew that I think he would be extremely surprised. He is very welcome to stand and be looked at at any time.

I do wish he wasn’t drunk, however as he has a terrible tendency towards talking nonsense, and he has now told me that he is Jewish about 97 times. I am not sure why this is quite so important, but he has a a nice wicked thing going on that I evidently like seeing.  Like a raven haired Wolfe.

Apart from that, almost finished sorting out some practical problems, and am doing some work towards the reclusive lifestyle I mentioned yesterday.

Bawbag has finished his shopfront, I am sure it is a work of artistic genius.  I am not sure that mac owners will quite believe it.  It is certainly different.

Finished a lot of ephemera for Haram Bawbag the artwork, too cold to do much with it at present.  I will see if I get a day off this week whether I can find enough jumpers to persist with it.

Cushions moving forward at pace, but very time consuming and I have had to purchase specifics for them, which is a pain.

Looking forward to moving things on shortly.

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