Explaining yourself

I think we are into double figures for narcs and other cluster B candidates staring at the website now.  These are just the ones I know about.

The latest addition to the mob doesn’t understand what is going on and tells me that this is my fault. He doesn’t seem to understand that it doesn’t actually matter.

So, for those drop-ins that wonder what is going on:

I actually live a very quiet life, mostly focusing on work since I used to believe work was a comparatively safe place.  It isn’t, but it is still more interesting to have adventures at work than directly emotional adventures, which are also more hazardous.

A lot of the posts contain very little overt information, unless you happen to be the other person.

Little Shiva gets a lot of posts, because he is lonely and a little OCD and we have got into a habit.  He likes looking at it, and I like to see him looking at it. Things could have been very different if he had made different choices, and I am happy for him that nothing was really disrupted his end.

Bawbag drops in if I happen to talk about his artwork, because bawbag expects me to be like him and indulge in very negative feelings.  He has never understood, for example, that it really doesn’t matter to me whether he finds me attractive or not as we don’t have that kind of relationship at all.  I did try to explain to him that all my friends have always been male, but he didn’t really get it because he thinks in terms of women as unruly cats and men as rather inept custodians of said cats.

Wolfe likes to check on me every now and again, to see if I have made progress towards the biggest goal, which was rather curtailed by Little Shiva and Twisty preventing me from doing the Boris project.

Boris checks rarely now, but was very kind to me and I am happy to see he doesn’t need me at present.

Grumpy Dude is busy having an actual life, so I don’t expect he is looking at it at all.

Whether you personally understand the line of thought does not matter in the slightest. It isn’t actually designed to particularly appeal to other people.

Hope that makes things clearer for you.

Normal people do not rant for over a month at people for disagreeing with them on a facebook thread, by the way.  That is obsessive behaviour.



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